We have been honoured to host the exhibitions of many talented artists since Sway Gallery opened its door. Now that this door is forced to remain shut, we are getting in touch with our artists in order to revisit the wonderful experience that was working with them, all the while asking for tips and advice on how to keep the culture life running. We hope you will enjoy it and, in case you have visited one of our past exhibitions, remember that pleasant and exciting experience at Sway.
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Interview with artists vol.6: Rie Takeda

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All Images ©Rie Takeda Your art is described as ‘Neo Japonism’ – could you share what this means to you, and how it reflects your work? Rie Takeda: In short, Neo Japonism is fusing the essence of traditional calligraphy, Japanese design and poetry with contemporary art forms.As well as the essence of traditional Japanese artisan, this style has two key essences which became the nucleus for my work. First, it consists of the flow of Japonisme-influenced art, especially by Paris and Vienna-based artists, since the 1870s. The second essence is the artworks of Taishō. The curiosity and boldness of artists experimenting with the new wave of the West and creating … Read More

Interview with artists vol.5: Hiroko Imada

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Your art career has spanned over 30 years. Could you share how you first became interested in art? HIROKO IMADA: It is hard to say when I first became interested in art but I can say it must have been the influence of my mother, who loves art in general. I remember I used to go to art exhibitions, museums, classical concerts, theatre, etc. with my mother from when I was a small child, and I really enjoyed the experience. Also, I started to have piano and violin lessons at an early age and later on I was a member of a chorus from the ages of 8 to 12, … Read More