We have been honoured to host the exhibitions of many talented artists since Sway Gallery opened its door. Now that this door is forced to remain shut, we are getting in touch with our artists in order to revisit the wonderful experience that was working with them, all the while asking for tips and advice on how to keep the culture life running. We hope you will enjoy it and, in case you have visited one of our past exhibitions, remember that pleasant and exciting experience at Sway.
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Interview with artists vol.3: Akiko DuPont

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“Jiji and Kinako on Washi”, your photography exhibition with Sway Gallery London, explored the extraordinary connection between a 94-year-old man with Alzheimer’s and his loving cat. Celebrating relationships is a key theme of your work – how have you adapted during the pandemic, since many of us are unable to meet others in person? Akiko: It was hard and it still is hard to adapt to this new-normal. I am someone who needs human connection and the more the pandemic situation got serious and the more this new-normal became real, I began to crave for it. However, I found that it wasn’t just me. When we still didn’t know much … Read More

Interview with artists vol.2: SAKI&Bitches

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You’ve held two solo shows in 2018 and 2020 at Sway Gallery London, how did these come about? SAKI: Sway Gallery had kindly contacted me to offer me show space. The first show (“Hana Machi”) went really well and so we decided to collaborate on another (socially distanced) exhibition called “Tayu Tau”. We’re hoping to plan a third one but… we’ll see. Having started out in street art in 2009, you’ve since become well-known for other art forms and mediums, such as illustration and portraiture painting – was this a natural transition? S: Yes, when I think about my art career, everything just happened naturally. At first, I wasn’t even … Read More