PAST EVENT: Essence of Kyoto

PAST EVENT: Essence of Kyoto

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We are happy to welcome you back at Sway Gallery London!
 The collection is available online in our e-shop, as well as in our physical store in Old Street.


Tradition for the 21st Century

Kyoto. The eternal city.  Brimming with world-renowned artisanship and rich history.

As the beating heart of Japanese culture, traditional Kyoto crafts have continued to flourish for centuries.  Since serving the Imperial Household and aristocracy, this craftsmanship has been preserved and skilfully developed through the generations.

Our collection of traditional wares has been specially curated to bring the essence of Japan’s cultural capital to modern lifestyles.  Experience the Kyō way in your daily life with each piece.

One of Kyoto’s most loved stores with roots dating back to the Meiji period, Benrido are well-known for their stationery and art prints.  Explore a wide range featuring quintessentially Japanese patterns and motifs, as well as iconic masterpieces.

A little-known word outside of Kyoto, the Japanese term hannari embodies soft, refined elegance.  Much like its unique namesake, Alpha Blanca’s vivid ‘Hannari’ series draws on the long, esteemed history of Kyo earthenware to create beautiful, contemporary pieces for your home.

Unlike Western-made candles, wa-rousoku (Japanese candles) are made from all plant-based materials.  Since 1887 Nakamura Rousuku have handmade Kyo-rousoku and e-rousoku (painted candles) using the fruit of the rare Haze tree, nurturing the next generation of artisans in both cultivation and craft. 

Established in 1917, T. Nishikawa & Co. Inc are celebrated for helping to introduce Kyo ware to the rest of the world.  From matcha bowls to tableware, for the past 100 years they have been at the forefront of crafting traditional and exquisite Kiyomizu.

While Torii, pioneers in the art of kireji (woven textiles), was founded in the Meiji era, today they use stunning Hyôsôgire fabric traditionally used for mounting scrolls to craft modern pieces such as bottle bags.  Exclusive to Sway Gallery,  each bag is created using different Donsu-style colours and patterns.

Tsuchida Ningyo craft charming pottery using moulds and kilns that are traditionally used to make Kyoto’s famous dolls.  Most well-known for their sweet cats, each figurine is hand-painted in a variety of colourful and whimsical patterns.