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【7th – 13th July 2022】 Bring your “Arigato(Gratitude)” message to connect the world in peace, love and hope. A special art event to decorate bamboo branches with “Arigato(Gratitude)” messages from all over the world, called “ArigaTo the World” will be held from 7th till 13th July 2022 at Sway Gallery London. The 7th of July is Tanabata Day in Japan. On this day Japanese people hang colourful decorations and strips of paper containing their wishes and hopes for the future on bamboo branches. In the Tanabata story, on the night of the 7th of July, Orihime and Hikoboshi, who were separated by the Milky Way, can meet only once a … Read More

PAST EXHIBITION: “Design calligraphy” by Ai Suzuki

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【6th – 11th June 2022】 Having exhibited a couple of times at Sway Gallery, Ai Suzuki (a “design calligraphy” artist), has gained numerous fans in London. Her work is emotional, ardent, yet imbued with a deep sense of tranquility that induces a meditative state in a viewer. Do not miss the opportunity to see her remarkable artwork – so delicate yet created by thunderous brush strokes! This compact exhibition will be held in the art section of Sway Gallery. Ai Suzuki Since Ai Suzuki was young, she loved to daydream. Whenever she saw a beautiful sky or flower or bird or even a little bug, she made space for it … Read More

PAST EVENT: Japan’s Best Friend: Dog Culture in the Land of the Rising Sun

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【8th – 31st March 2022】 This pop-up will be a release event for curator Manami Okazaki‘s new book, Japan’s Best Friend: Dog Culture in the Land of the Rising Sun by Prestel, one of the world’s leading publishers of art and design books. The book is a quirky, nose-to-tail survey of Japan’s love affair with dogs that explores why they have played such an important role in the country since ancient times, how they’re represented in traditional and contemporary culture alike, and which breeds are most distinctly part of the canine craze.From religious festivals and shrines that honor dog deities, to folklore, legends and icons, to famous art works, architectural … Read More

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