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DATE: 11th – 23rd SEPTEMBER 2017 We have another edition of sake festival in collaboration with Sam Sake at Sway Gallery! This time you can taste and purchase sake from Kochi prefecture, between the 11th and the 23rd September. This prefecture is well known for its fruits production, especially for YUZU (a citrus fruit, between lemon and lime). And don’t miss the event “Tiger under The Yuzu Tree” at which the brewer himself will show you his sake. Tasting drops of various sake will make your Tuesday night special 🍶 EVENTS: ★ 19th September 18:00 – 21:00 Tiger under The Yuzu Tree – Kochi prefecture sake fair – (presentation & … Read More

PAST EVENT: Discover Japanese Green Tea!

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Japanese green tea 【6th September 2017】 What is it exactly after all? Nowadays we see so many different kinds of Japanese tea in every corner of London, from superfood matcha latte to genmai cha. However, do we really know what they are exactly and how to use them, not only for making a cup of tea? During 1 hour long session, a Japanese tea expert from Japan, Mrs. Noriko Sonoda, the Director of ‘Sonoda Chaho Hoko-en’ will make a personal introduction to the world of Japanese tea. She will reveal some of the secrets of green tea and introduce you to some very practical knowledge, including the difference in benefits between … Read More

PAST EXHIBITION: Daydreaming – A Japanese motion

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Morgan De Laporte 【15th – 31st August 2017】   Morgan de Laporte is a French photographer focused on street and travel photography. Mixing analogue and digital tools, he shows here his journey around Honshu Island. This series of photographs explore the Japanese rythmes of life. Travelling through the gigantic mazes of Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama, always in the spectator’s position. He captures the workers and dreamers of Japan’s sprawling megalopolis; frozen moments of cities in constant movement and its inhabitants who snooze and feed these never-sleeping giants. A journey that also takes him to the more peaceful life in the snowy mountains of Nikko and Nagano, where nature – the … Read More

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