PAST EXHIBITION: Portrait of Nature Vol.2 – Myriads of Gods – Nobuyuki Kobayashi Photography Exhibition

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[15th -29th November 2019] PRIVATE VIEW: 14th November 2019 Thu 18:00-20:00 RSVP: EVENTBRITE After the successful solo exhibition in the UK (March 2017), Nobuyuki Kobayashi reintroduces the Japanese sense of beauty and the connection to nature through the brand new series of photography masterpieces. He interprets the philosophy of Shintoism, which conveys a belief that gods dwell in all of the existing things – rocks, trees, mountains. Explaining the Japanese sense of beauty and the close and almost intimate connection to nature, he attempts to answer if such relationship still exists in the modern age.    Nobuyuki Kobayashi A Japanese photographer who creates unique platinum palladium photography prints of nature, … Read More

PAST EXHIBITION: BEYOND VAGUENESS – Aesthetics of Japan – A group exhibition of unique and creative Japanese artists, curated by Artrates

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【24th – 29th October 2019】 LATE OPENING: 24th October Thu 18:00-20:00RSVP: EventbriteSPECIAL OPENING: 26th October Sat 12:00-18:00 The Japanese are sometimes said to be vague. “Read the air” a phrase they often use, which means to be able to understand the situation without words. Communicating subtleties of mood is part of Japanese custom, and you can even see this in their literature and art. There are many Japanese artists who feel uncomfortable with clearly expressing themselves with words, which is a contrast to Western culture. The attitude that accepts the ambiguity and its status is associated with Zen Buddhism; to accept things as it is and to observe them with … Read More

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