PAST EXHIBITION: SGW Lab summer shows 2023

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【11th – 25th JULY 2023】 Meet the team of SGW Lab: 13th JULY 2023 5pm-7pm*Contact gallery for detail. SGW Lab will hold a pop-up event at Sway Gallery. This will be the first collaboration in five years since the 2018 exhibition of Yuta Segawa, director of SGW Lab.During the exhibition, the Sway Gallery’s show window will be filled with SGW Lab’s multi coloured vases. INTERESTING LINKS:SGW Lab | WEBSITE | INSTAGRAMYUTA SEGAWA | WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK OPENING HOURS:Monday-Friday: 11am-7pmSaturday: 12pm-6pmSunday: Closed *FREE ENTRY**ALL THE ARTWORKS WILL BE FOR SALE*

PAST EXHIBITION: OIRAN – Chalk Art By Moeco Matsushita

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【25th – 31st MAY 2023】 PRIVATE VIEW: 25th MAY 2023 6pm-8pm *Contact gallery for detail. The chalk art Moeco Matsushita practices is a pictorial art genre said to have originated in butcher shop signboards in Australia. The term originally referred to the drawing of pictures and words in chalk or oil pastels on chalkboards coated with a special kind of paint, though today it is used to describe all art produced on chalkboards irrespective of the materials used. Matsushita, who says she was often taken to art museums when she was young by her mother, an amateur painter, was first attracted to chalk art around ten years ago. While … Read More

PAST EXHIBITION: EMP Gallery presents ~ Japan-England International Cultural Exchange Exhibition ~

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【18th – 22nd May 2023】 The purpose of this exhibition is to introduce the artworks of our professors with the theme of “From Japan to the World and from the World to Japan”. We hope that this exhibition will provide an opportunity for cooperation and exchange with artists from the United Kingdom, and for the cultural enrichment of both countries. We also hope that their works will serve as a catalyst for future artists in terms of culture and education. INTERESTING LINK: EMP Gallery WEBSITE OPENING HOURS:Monday-Friday: 11am-7pmSaturday: 12pm-6pmSunday: Closed Free entry

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