Launched in October 2016, Sway Gallery presents a variety of premium products, artisanal goods and artworks with Japan as the primary theme. With the headquarter in London, situated in creative Old Street, and two sister branches – in vibrant Marais, Paris, and in Sweden, in the heart of Stockholm’s Södermalm on Hornsgatan, our aim is to actively advocate Japanese art and introduce Japanese hidden gems to Europe.
Sway Gallery has two key areas: an exhibition area and a concept store. In the gallery, we take our pride in introducing both acknowledged as well as up-and-coming artists, who either have roots in Japan or are inspired by Japanese tradition and arts. The concept store gathers high quality products, showcasing the brilliance of Japanese craftsmanship and design, often not available anywhere else outside of Japan.
We wish to inspire and encourage appreciation and passion for Japanese art and craftsmanship in Europe and around the globe.