OISESAN Beauty Products

Oisesan is a nickname for the famous Ise Jingu Shrine located in Mie Prefecture, Japan.
According to “The Chronicles of Japan”, Amaterasu Omikami (the Shinto sun goddess) descended from the heavens and selected Ise as her place of enshrinement. Today, Ise Jingu consists of 125 shrines and is regarded as the spiritual home of the Japanese.
It is also a popular pilgrimage site, especially among ladies as many shrines are dedicated to the gods of fertility. These deities will grant a happy relationship and a harmonious marriage!

Oisesan bath and beauty products are inspired by this special sanctuary.
Consisting of delicate fragrances of natural essential oils, Oisesan’s bath products dissolve in hot water and purify your body and soul.
Every product is made of natural Japanese ingredients.