PAST EXHIBITION: Daydreaming – A Japanese motion

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Morgan De Laporte 【15th – 31st August 2017】   Morgan de Laporte is a French photographer focused on street and travel photography. Mixing analogue and digital tools, he shows here his journey around Honshu Island. This series of photographs explore the Japanese rythmes of life. Travelling through the gigantic mazes of Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama, always in the spectator’s position. He captures the workers and dreamers of Japan’s sprawling megalopolis; frozen moments of cities in constant movement and its inhabitants who snooze and feed these never-sleeping giants. A journey that also takes him to the more peaceful life in the snowy mountains of Nikko and Nagano, where nature – the … Read More

PAST EVENT: Vintage Kimono Pop-Up Boutique by Furuki Yo-Kimono

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Furuki-Yo Kimono 【3rd – 12th August 2017】 Sway Gallery London is delighted to present Sonoe Sugawara, a London-based vintage kimono dealer and owner of Furuki Yo-Kimono Vintage, which showcases the world of vintage & antique kimono. The name is a play on the Japanese expression, Furuki Yo-Kimono Vintage (ふるきよきもの) which means ‘good old things’. Sonoe has been collecting vintage kimono for years and has become a source for Western kimono lovers including designers of some of the world’s leading fashion brands. The main collection of her kimonos are from 1920-30s pre-war period known in Japan as the Taisho period and Japanese Art Deco period when Western modernism mingled with Japanese … Read More

PAST EVENT: Kyushu Sake & Shochu Festival

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Special event 【10th – 22nd July 2017】 Japan has a long history of Buddhism and religious mythology: having derived many from other Asian cultures. One popular belief is that there is a God in everything, and this even includes sake – a sacred drink of the Gods. Until the 20th century, Kyushu was seen as Japan’s gateway to the world and a centre for trade. It has historically been the first stop for foreign traders and travellers to Japan and the place from where outside influences would spread to the rest of the country.Time has moved on, but the landscapes, legends and tradition of sake making remain to this day. … Read More

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