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Jakob Kaye 【17th November – 22nd December 2017】 Sashiko meaning ‘little stab’ is a traditional stitching technique originating from Northern Japan. The practise evolved as a domestic rural craft during the Edo era in a time of peace. Using un-dyed thread on dark indigo cloth, the patterns often represent Buddhist motifs and ‘protection symbols’ whilst also having the functional task of strengthening clothes. Jakob Kaye is a light artist based in Scotland using various hand etching methods on mirrors to depict his chosen subject matter for each series. Often drawn towards natural geometry and cultural history as themes, Jakob is applying the fine hand-skill and focus required for the needlework … Read More

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Tiger Tanuki – Malene Wagner【9th – 14th November 2017】 Reception: Thursday 9th November, 18:00 – 20:00 The exhibition explores winterscapes by a range of renowned print artists, including shin hanga artist Tsuchiya Koitsu and Saito Kiyoshi of the sosaku hanga movement. This is a unique opportunity to immerse in nostalgic snowscapes and humoristic winter scenes from the 1930s up to the 21st century. It will run until November 14 only so stop by before the snow melts! The exhibition is sponsored by Ukiyo Republic who will create special winter-themed drinks for the opening night❄️🍸

PAST EVENT: Japan in Winter – Comforting consumption of Japanese art & Sake
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Tiger Tanuki & Ukiyo Republic 【11th November 2017】 We all need something to warm up our body and soul in this transitional time of the year, don’t we? That is why we prepared the Japanese ART & SAKE event to satisfy you physically and mentally! It is nice to have drinks in broad daylight and see art programs on TV during weekend, but why don’t you do that with us at Sway Gallery, especially because we have invited specialists from various fields of Japanese culture, whose knowledge and stories will reveal to us the real picture of Japanese life style in sacred winter time. Being surrounded by Japanese prints and … Read More

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Kaoru Akagawa 【5th October – 8th November 2017】 Reception: Thursday 5th October, 18:00 – 20:00 As Charles Chaplin has depicted in his film, anything inefficient was banned in ‘Modern Times’. Such was the fate of Kana, phonetic scripts unique to Japan, which were abandoned and forgotten despite their legacy of a thousand years. Kana, representative of a leisurely and creative pursuit, are no longer used in day-to-day life in contemporary Japan due to their complexity and the difficulty of passing down and acquiring the necessary skills. By using Kana in her contemporary work, Akagawa attempts to build a bridge beyond time and space. Her works are time consuming, but she … Read More

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Damien Borowik 【5th – 29th September 2017】 Reception: Thursday 7th September, 18:00 – 20:00 Book your ticket here: Eventbrite “Ma (間) is a Japanese word which can be roughly translated as gap, space, pause or the space between two structural parts. The spatial concept is experienced progressively through intervals of spatial designation. […] Ma is not something that is created by compositional elements; it is the thing that takes place in the imagination of the human who experiences these elements. Therefore, ma can be defined as experiential place understood with emphasis on interval.“ – Wikipedia, Aug 2017 Damien Borowik is a visual artist who investigates the art of making as aesthetics. Using … Read More

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DATE: 11th – 23rd SEPTEMBER 2017 We have another edition of sake festival in collaboration with Sam Sake at Sway Gallery! This time you can taste and purchase sake from Kochi prefecture, between the 11th and the 23rd September. This prefecture is well known for its fruits production, especially for YUZU (a citrus fruit, between lemon and lime). And don’t miss the event “Tiger under The Yuzu Tree” at which the brewer himself will show you his sake. Tasting drops of various sake will make your Tuesday night special 🍶 EVENTS: ★ 19th September 18:00 – 21:00 Tiger under The Yuzu Tree – Kochi prefecture sake fair – (presentation & … Read More

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