KAMA-ASA 「釜浅商店」

The KAMA-ASA shop first opened in 1908, and was founded by Minosuke Kumazawa in the famous Kappabashi in Asakusa. Kappabashi is an extraordinary ‘kitchenware district’,  lined with several dozens of stores selling everything needed by restaurant operators, as well as cooking enthusiasts, with the exception of food. KAMA-ASA has catered to the needs of chefs for over a century and is now run by the 4th generation of Kumazawa family, who is continuing the tradition and the vision of the original founders.

During the 2 week pop-up, Sway Gallery was pleased to host knife sharpening lessons, knife seminars as well as knife sharpening services, all conducted by Kama-Asa’s experienced Artisan Knife Masters!