Mori Ceramics

He discovered his passion of ceramics in Adult Education in London without any experience in Japan. He gained his knowledge of throwing, production techniques and glaze technology from
studying ceramicist Lesley McShea.
He uses earth/stone hand-building grogged / sandy white and black (often red) clay. The method of making my work is hand-built and thrown. He often throws on the wheel and re-forms wet pieces to distort the formed shape.
He uses various coloured glazes such as white, black, brown, green and mixture with both satin and shiny glaze to enhance the contrasts. He fired his work stone-ware temperature in an electric
He uses found objects (pieces of metal, rubber, wood and plastic) as tools for making texture of my work. The ideas and designs (shapes, textures, motifs and colours) of his work are inspired by the surrounding environment.

Artist’s statement:
My first influence of traditional Japanese ceramics are my mother’s love of ceramics and my childhood memories of my grandmother’s domestic ware.
I make individual functional / semi-functional ware from an Interest in both ancient and contemporary ceramics, but often functional ware with a twist and an element of quirkiness.
I would like my work to be touched and used, also to give delight by being seen in people’s life. I anticipate my work not to be a center piece, more like a corner piece but noticed and to be
Beauty of modesty is the ultimate aim of all my work.