Nobuyuki Kobayashi

“Nobuyuki Kobayashi” is a Japanese photographer who creates unique platinum palladium photo prints of nature.

Kobayashi uses platinum printing, an old technique characterised by having the platinum lay on the surface of the paper while the final image is matte due to a deposit of platinum absorbed slightly into the paper. This gives a delicate and sophisticated finish to the photography.

To utilize the original texture in the support of the print, Kobayashi uses ‘Hosokawa paper’, a kind of washi paper that is rich and full of texture and its manufacturing method has remained the same since 1642. It is so special that in 2014, Hosokawa Paper was listed on the UNESCO world cultural heritage.

By combining the stable platinum palladium process with the durable Hosokawa paper, Kobayashi believes his prints could last for 1,000 years.