PAST EXHIBITION: EMP Gallery presents ~ Japan-England International Cultural Exchange Exhibition ~

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【18th – 22nd May 2023】 The purpose of this exhibition is to introduce the artworks of our professors with the theme of “From Japan to the World and from the World to Japan”. We hope that this exhibition will provide an opportunity for cooperation and exchange with artists from the United Kingdom, and for the cultural enrichment of both countries. We also hope that their works will serve as a catalyst for future artists in terms of culture and education. INTERESTING LINK: EMP Gallery WEBSITE OPENING HOURS:Monday-Friday: 11am-7pmSaturday: 12pm-6pmSunday: Closed Free entry

PAST EVENT: Essence of Kyoto – Sake × Umami 京の酒 × 京もの伝道師

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【3rd – 11th February 2023】 Pre-open: 3rd February 17:00-19:00Tasting Event: 4th February 12:00-18:00*No booking, welcome to walk-ins. Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan Kyoto is blessed with high-quality groundwater from the mountains surrounded in the area that flourish the food and drink culture and lead to traditional Japanese cuisine. The techniques and the taste of Kyoto cuisine such as Kyo-Kaiseki developed over the course of its history still attract many people. We invite you to enjoy our UMAMI selections; sake brewed with Kyoto’s unique yeast, various condiments, confectionary and many more, all made in Kyoto with a modern twist. 古都・京都 その歴史の中で培われた技術と、磨き続けられた味わいは今なお多くの人を魅了します。 京都には良質な水があり、四方に囲まれる山からくる地下水が京都の台所を支え、日本を牽引する食文化を発展させました。 都文化が継承され、今なお多くの人々から愛され、支えられる京料理。 今回、そんな“京都の食”において、独自の京都の酵母で仕込まれた世界初の発表の酒と、これまで発展してきた“食”を是非お愉しみください。 単品だけでなく、そのマリアージュも愉しみ、自分だけのマッチングや、その土地ならではの味わいを体感してください。 OPENING HOURS:Mon-Fri: 11am-7pmSaturday: 12pm-6pmSunday: Closed

PAST EXHIBITION: Tale of Tokushima – JAPAN –

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【27th January – 10th February 2023】 Tokushima is a long-standing water city.Tokushima, a city of water for centuries, is home to the “Ai” culture, which has been integrated into people’s lives along with its history and continues to fascinate people with its beautiful harmony.The indigo produced in Tokushima is called “Awa Ai,” which has been spun from ancient times and attracts attention as a world-class “Japan Blue,” a color that symbolizes Japan.Tokushima, the “origin of indigo,” prospered thanks to “Awa Ai,” and its unique culture, including “Awa Odori” and “Ningyo Joruri” (puppet theater), was born, and still lives with indigo.In recent years, in addition to the indigo-dyeing techniques of Tokushima … Read More

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