PAST EXHIBITION: SAKI&Bitches Solo Exhibition – Shi no no me

PAST EXHIBITION: SAKI&Bitches Solo Exhibition – Shi no no me

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【14th -25th September 2021】

In celebration of her 10th anniversary, SAKI & Bitches will be back at Sway Gallery with her new series of works on 14th September, on view until 25th September.

Her solo exhibition, ‘Shi no no me’ will feature original works including her iconic Yujo/Geisha paintings, as well as pencil drawings and prints.
In keeping with her dedication to capturing and telling the story of ancient Japanese courtesans, SAKI reflects and combines her own emotions in these new works for the first time.

“Even though my previous works were affected by thoughts and emotions of mine at the moment of the creation, I never tried to express my feelings or intentionally include them in my art.
The way I create was a mix and match imageries to tell some stories.
It was just physical shapes and objects to create some emotions.
For this exhibition, I added my own emotions or my emotions led to certain imageries, which was very fresh but scary.
It’s great to see how my works changed and progressed in 10 years.”

The title ‘Shi no no me’ means ‘dawn’ in English,
This exhibition will be the beginning of her new decade and introduce to you a new and raw expression of SAKI&Bitches.

About SAKI&Bitches
SAKI&Bitches is a Tokyo-born Painter/Street artist, currently based in London. SAKI first started to experiment with the street art scene in 2009. Applying hand-drawn stickers to the streets of the East end of London.
SAKI’s art did evolve and grow to full-scale portrait as she too grew. Wondering and ever fascinated by the female form, she had no other ambition other than to celebrate it. Having previously exhibited in Tokyo, London, and San Francisco, SAKI has no formal background, but she is an artist of exceptional scope. Able to turn a hand to many different styles and mediums on works produced on a wood, pencil sketch, glass and spray paint. SAKI’s art is unintentionally controversial and erotically sweet, it’s plain twisted. SAKI’s glamorous Bitches keeps flirting around the world!

Caring about health of our customers and staff, we will be adhering to the social distancing measure guidelines.


MON-FRI 11:00-19:00
SAT 12:00-18:00